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Get your treatment at our place or yours with a portable unit for your home.

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We also buy and resell used portable units. Contact us for details.

Aloha Hyperbarics sells Newtowne Class 4 Chambers. Newtowne is the mild hyperbaric chamber manufacturer that creates the entire product in house from pattern to shipping - Made in USA. Newtowne also has a 100% safety record.

  • Hyperbaric ChamberNO Belts or Buckles
  • Exterior Frame on All Sizes
  • Custom Zipper requires No lubrication
  • No need for stabilizers
  • Hard Port Covers standard
  • 2 year warranty - all parts
  • Position as a Side or Top entry: provides the option to step-in as well as crawling in the side
All Class 4 Chambers Include:
  • 46 oz heavy duty double laminated ballistic grade nylon material
  •  Two large view ports on all sizes>
  • Exclusive port pressure covers for strength, safety and peace of mind. prevents  "bug-eye effect when pressurized
  • Exclusive dual  safety zippers with a custom airtight zipper for a triple zipper entry system
  • Easily readable pressure guage 
  • Welded bulkheads and construction
  • Two 4 psi. preset automatic relief valves (All Metal!)
  • Use as a Top or Side Entry 
  • Internal and External Operation
  • External Steel Frame
  • Quiet compressor w/10' hose & fittings
  • 4" Fortis foam mattress with disinfectable cover 24" chamber includes 2" mattress
  • 2 Year Warranty(extended warranty available)
  • Free shipping in continental USA shipping
Aloha Hyperbarics Online Store
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