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Welcome to Aloha Hyperbarics

Aloha Hyperbarics is a facility specializing in mild-pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy, (HBOT). HBOT saturates all cells, tissue, blood, plasma, organs, and the entire human body with oxygen.  Oxygen is the most essential element utilized by the human body.  For years, oxygen has aided in the healing of the sick and wounded. Breathing oxygen helps the lungs and there is some tissue saturation.  Under mild atmospheric pressure like the chamber produces, the chamber delivers a higher level of oxygen to all the tissue in your body, increasing blood flow to your capillaries and increasing circulation. 
FDA Notice

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are considered a Class IV medical device and require a prescription from a qualified medical professional for human medical use. This unit is approved for "Acute Mountain Sickness" by the FDA.  Any other use is considered Off Label.
FDA  510k #k051759


What is mHBOT?

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) is a prescribed treatment in which a person breathes a supplemented boost of concentrated oxygen while inside the oxygen chamber under mild pressure. mHBOT is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive alternative to many other therapies. During treatment one can relax by listening to music, reading, or just resting.
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Medical Conditions

Mild hyperbaric therapy has been reported by many physicians and patients to aid in the treatment of numerous medical conditions.   Check out our list of conditions for further information. Please note, this is a partial list… there is no telling how many conditions can benefit from improved oxygenation and circulation!
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The healing power of oxygen under pressure is well documented and supported by many physicians and patients. During mHBOT, high levels of oxygen dissolve into the blood, plasma, and tissue. The treatment allows oxygen to reach areas where there is little blood flow due to inflammation, injury, infection, or disease.

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